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Hello. I'm Sue Ozsisman, the Managing Director of KIDZSPOT Early Learning Centres. I'm a qualified Early Childhood Educator, an owner operator and an experienced service provider.  


We developed KIDZSPOT based on one key principle: to create childcare services we would want to use for our own children.

We started out by firstly asking ourselves what was important to us as parents. We knew that, largely, the answer was going to be very similar, regardless of the differences in cultural backgrounds, race, educational levels, economic status or location.

As parents, first and foremost, we want our children to first be safe and healthy. We also we want them to be successful, responsible adults. Everything we do is geared to get our children to a place in life where they have succeeded because their success is our success.

What we do at KIDZSPOT reflects what we all want for our children. Their safety and well-being is our number one priority. And, to help them on their way to becoming successful, responsible adults is at the core of our work. From staff selection to curriculum development to environment and setting, everything we do is to create the best possible experience for our children and our staff. Because their success is our success.

Book a tour with a KIDZSPOT Centre today and come

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Our philosophy is to make the most of the priceless opportunity we have.

As early childhood educators, we are in the best place to help shape the world of tomorrow.

We are a crucial part of those first few steps in

creating a child’s future.

So, everything we do must be channelled to

helping create confident, capable young people who are ready to take on the world.

What our parents say

"Thank you so much for everything you do for our children. You're doing an amazing job, keep it up.'



Our Educators

Without doubt, the educator is the most important person in childcare because they are the frontline people who create the experience for you and your child every day. 


To work at KIDZSPOT, we only recruit educators who:


  • hold a formal qualification in Early Childhood Education. Our Educators are qualified from Certificate III Level qualifications up to Bachelor Level (Early Childhood Teachers), and

  • have completed mandatory Child Protection Training, and

  • have a Working with Children Clearance Check, as well as

  • a National Criminal History Clearance Check, 

  • a First Aid Certificate, and

  • full COVID-19 Vaccination

We also hire for attitude. It takes a certain type of person to work with young children and build a career out of it; we look for people who are positive, warm and caring. People with good communication skills who have the energy and desire to interact and engage with children in meaningful ways. It takes a very special person to do this all day, every day.


At KIDZSPOT, we bring you these special people. 

 Our education program is brought to you by Early Childhood professionals in the following roles:  
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As a qualified Early Childhood Teacher (ECT), the Director oversees educators, the educational program, and daily routines.


Room Leaders

Senior educators who are dedicated to specific age groups, deliver the educational program and manage their assigned Focus Groups.

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Centre Managers

Centre Managers oversee the day to day management of educators, programs and daily routines at their respective centres.



Qualified educators work with the Room Leaders in delivering the educational program in their assigned Focus Groups. 


Educational Leaders

Qualified educators design child-centered programs across all KIDZSPOT age groups.


Educators in Training

Up and coming educators who are enrolled in a nationally accredited Traineeship program studying to become a qualified Early Childhood Educator.  

Team Structure

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Thank You 

We are proud to be associated with the companies & Government Departments that make our work possible.  We acknowledge their ongoing support & contribution to making KIDZSPOT better every day. 

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If you're in the industry or you're interested in kickstarting a career in child care, we'd love to hear from you.


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