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Food & Nutrition

Healthy bodies for healthy minds

We take food very seriously because food and nutrition are an integral part of our service and our overall educational program.


Mealtimes are not just about being fed, there are two key elements that go into how we do food. The first is around educating children about food so they can grow to understand the impact diet has on our overall well-being. By exposing children to good food and good eating habits, we are establishing the right eating practices that should stay with them for life. 


The second important element focuses on the social aspect of food. By creating positive experiences around mealtimes, we are shaping how children master social norms around eating and dining. 


Our meals are prepared by Kids Gourmet Food. 

Delivered to our Centres every day, Kids Gourmet prepares fresh, nutritious, homestyle meals for children in childcare every day. Their qualified chefs work with childhood nutritionists and dieticians to create menus designed for all age groups, including puree menus for babies as young as 4 months old. The menus are balanced and rotate every 6 weeks so children get to experience variety and diversity. In accordance with the Australian Dietary Guidelines, Kids Gourmet meals contain a variety of food from the 5 main food groups: 


  • Fresh vegetables and legumes

  • Seasonal fruit

  • Wholegrains and seeds

  • Lean fresh meat and fish

  • Dairy options

We love Kids Gourmet, we're sure your child will too. 

Different dietary requirements

Protecting children with food allergies is a top priority for us. Our meals are suitable for any dietary requirement and do not have any ingredients with eggs or nuts, including products that may have traces of nuts.


We also cater for children who are vegetarians as well as those who may have other cultural preferences so all our kids get to enjoy diversity at mealtimes. 

What's on the menu?

Click here to see some sample menus.

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