Pre-School in Glendenning, Pre-School in Erskine Park


4 - 5 years

At KIDZSPOT, ages 4 - 5 is all about accelerated learning as our children are in the final stage of their pre-school development. From Day 1, everything we do is to build their skills for the next stage of life so by about age 4, they’re ready to start the School Readiness Program. Remember that age is a guide only. Every child learns in their own way and at their own pace so while some children will be ready by age 4, others may not.

Off to School


The pre-school years are super exciting because there is a lot going on. Emotional development has boomed and new emotional expressions will form as the child is better able to articulate their thoughts and feelings. Pre-schoolers like to be around people and you will notice new friendships forms – including some very real imaginary friends.

The pre-schooler is also more likely to have better control over their emotions, there will be fewer temper tantrums and a lot more cooperation. They can still be demanding but they will also be more helpful.


A pre-schooler's imagination will be roaring and activities like make-believe play will be a favourite. By now, the pre-schooler will understand concepts such as opposites; they will know left and right, as well as the names of letters and numbers and be able to count to 10.

Their language skills will have sky-rocketed and they will love story telling and having conversations. This is the start of the incestuous questioning as their young mind wants to know and understand everything. By five years of age, a child will be able to speak clearly and form much more complex sentences.

Pre-schoolers won’t have problems dressing themselves, putting their shoes on (they may struggle with shoelaces though) and can most likely use a fork, spoon and maybe even a butter knife. They will also be able to go to the toilet and brush their teeth on their own.


There will be plenty of physical movement as the pre-schooler loves moving for the sake of moving. By now, they’re very capable walkers and can walk up and down stairs, and play around by throwing, catching and kicking balls. They will also be keen runners, jumpers, cyclists and climbers. Their gross motor skills will have developed significantly and they can coordinate their bodies to be able to cut, hold, throw, jump, tumble and even walk backwards.

The pre-schooler will be able to write their first name and some letters, and might even be able to draw a circle and make detailed drawings of people with body parts and clothes.

Pre-school activities focus on learning basic literacy and numeracy skills, structured and unstructured play that supports the development of interpersonal, communication, and cognitive skills. Pre-school is fundamental is helping build a child’s confidence, make friends, develop responsibility and independence. It is a key stepping stone to the next stage of a child’s life so it is crucial that, during these years, a child is nurtured in the best possible way.

Pre-school in Glendenning, Pre-School in Erskine Park
Pre-school in Glendenning, Pre-School in Erskine Park
Pre-school in Glendenning, Pre-School in Erskine Park
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