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The first few weeks

The first few weeks are probably the most important. They're important for you, for your child, and they're just as important for us because we’re all getting to know each other.


Some children adapt to a new environment faster than others; age can make a difference but it can also depend on whether a child has been at another centre or whether it’s their first time in daycare. Generally, children who have been in child care before tend to adapt better and have less separation anxiety but, regardless, the first few weeks are all about ensuring your child feels comfortable and safe in their new environment. Our focus will be to build a strong bond with your child as we slowly introduce them to their new routines.


Separation anxiety is the distress we feel when we’ve been separated from a very secure attachment, which is usually the primary caregiver. Almost all children and parents will experience some form of separation anxiety when a child joins a new centre. In fact, a child's anxiety will increase when they sense their parents' distress. It's all very normal.


It's important to point out to new families that, after you leave behind a distressed child, we will be there to comfort them. Parents don't get to see it but almost all of the time, soon after you leave, your child will settle in and get on with the rest of the day.

Transitioning your child into childcare

Leading up to the first day


Let's start by making sure you feel at ease about your child's transition to a new centre. If you’re feeling anxious, your child is feeling it too. Children are extremely perceptive and will pick up on your feelings and will reflect the motions you're going through so it’s important that you feel relaxed and at ease.


Be positive about the change. Let your child know that it will be fun and exciting, tell them about the new friend’s they’ll meet, the games and toys they'll play with, the sandpit, the songs they'll sing and all the exciting things they'll be making. If you project the right attitude, your child will feel it.


It’s also a good idea to allow your child to stay with a friend, particularly someone who has children for a short period of time, before their first day with us. This will help them recognise that you do come back after being away and that it is not always possible to be with you.

After they have started, it's important to give your child the attention they need. When you get home, make sure to give your child your undivided attention. Pause, listen and focus on them, even if it is for a few minutes. Share their Kinderloop feeds, talk to your child about their day, listen to their stories and ask questions. It will help settle them and create calm and harmony in the hours that follow.


By working together, we will overcome separation anxiety and make sure your child feels safe and is excited about coming to KIDZSPOT every day.

Smooth transitions
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