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School Readiness

Getting ready for Kindergarten


Our School Readiness curriculum is a structured program that has been designed by qualified curriculum developers working in consultation with local schools.


Generally, KIDZSPOT children start the School Readiness Program between the ages of 3 to 4. The program is integrated into daily activities; it is comprehensive, inclusive, dynamic and it exposes young learners to a variety of experiences that are similar to the school environment. 

Getting ready for kindergarten is a very big part of any child’s life and we want it to be exciting, but smooth and safe as well. Children need to have a sense of security and healthy expectancy as they get ready to start ‘big school’. Our school readiness program helps our children master selected skills for their new educational setting whilst ensuring they are also emotionally and socially ready for this great milestone.



  • Skill development in literacy and numeracy 

  • Exposure to diverse subject areas 

  • Meet Stage One Outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

  • Mapping to the primary school curriculum by working with local primary school curriculum coordinators 

Soft Skills 

  • The ability to be independent and self-sufficient with age appropriate tasks 

  • The development of emotional awareness, emotional intelligence and empathy  

  • The ability to make friends, understand social cues and act appropriately in social settings 

  • A sense of responsibility and accountability

  • A love of learning


True learning – learning that is permanent and useful, that leads to intelligent action and further learning — can arise only out of the experience, interest, and concerns of the learner.

John Holt

Pre-school in Glendenning, Pre-School in Erskine Park

Reading & Writing 

Reading is a part of our everyday routine.


Children are exposed to a variety of topics to broaden their horizon and introduce them to new ideas and concepts. Reading time also involves discussion time where questions can be asked and interpretations made. It's all about building vocabulary, learning sounds and mastering language. Reading is the gateway to imagination and creativity. Let us open those doors for your child.  

We say reading is the heart of learning. 

Pre-school in Glendenning, Pre-School in Erskine Park

Music & Movement

Children naturally love music.


We feel music both physically and emotionally because it is naturally linked to the rhythms of our bodies.


We use dance and music as a form of expression. Children get to release energy as they can move to a beat, however fast or slow they choose. Music helps development in some very important areas, such as gross motor skills, awareness of movement and body, social skills, emotion and thought expression, and, of course, balance, coordination and rhythm.

We say that music is the soul of learning.

Pre-school in Glendenning, Pre-School in Erskine Park

Building & Construction

Building Spot is about constructive play. It's about working with ‘things’ and getting young minds and hands to stack assemble, disassemble, sort, mould and shape.

Constructive play for pre-schoolers helps children develop their fine and gross motor skills as they master control and manipulation of objects. It's like mini project management. Children get to think, plan, prepare, do and review. It also requires problem-solving as well as working as part of a team. 

We say that Building Spot is creative project management in action. 

Child at school


We turn numeracy into everyday life. 


Numeracy for pre-schoolers includes the teaching of traditional practices, such as numbers, words and counting, and we include it in just about everything else we do. 


Numeracy is incorporated into play activities, such as cooking, building blocks, even in drama and reading. We introduce the concept of 'numbers in life' so that children grasp the relationship between maths and daily life as early as possible. 

Pre-school in Glendenning, Pre-School in Erskine Park

Arts & Craft

We use arts & craft to unleash the talent within.

Arts & craft activities are designed to develop a child's fine motor skills by enhancing hand-eye coordination and building levels of manual dexterity. 

Getting arty and crafty helps children identify new shapes, colours and textures. It also boosts creativity as children get to bring to life the wonderful ideas in their expanding minds. 

There is no right or wrong in art - there's just expression. 

Pre-school in Glendenning, Pre-School in Erskine Park

My Spot

We do child-led learning. 

What is it?

Child-led learning is learning that is directed by the child's interests. Children don't have to do anything they don't want to do.

We all know that having to do something that is forced on us doesn't really bring out the best in us. So we create an environment where we allow children to choose what they want to do. It supports everything we claim learning to be: it is empowering and instils a love of learning.

Our kids love it. We're sure yours will too.

Planet Projector Green


Science helps nurture a child’s interest in the natural world.

We use science to stimulate curiosity, teach science concepts, foster a sense of adventure and curiosity, so children learn to appreciate and understand the amazing natural world.


It also helps with problem solving and introduces children to the basic elements of scientific reasoning (seeking evidence, testing predictions etc.).

The wonders of science come from those who wandered...

Pre-school in Glendenning, Pre-School in Erskine Park


Kids love make-believe. 

Just like the benefits of music and dance, drama unleashes expression, imagination and creativity. It refines public speaking skills, develops emotional intelligence and empathy, and strengthens social skills. It's also fantastic for concentration. 

Drama is not about creating professional actors – it's about giving children the space and place to do pretend play and express their artistic abilities. 

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