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Long Day Care for ages  2 - 5 

Open 7am - 6pm 52 weeks 

6 Ornella Ave. GLENDENNING

NSW 2761

$128 daily fees

02 7204 7379

About the ChildCare Subsidy

About KIDZSPOT Ornella

KIDZSPOT Ornella is a toddler and pre-school centre. Catering for children ages 2 – 5, our service has three learning programs for new toddlers, growing toddlers and a School Readiness Program.

We are owner operators so we provide a more personalised service. With eyes and ears on the ground every day, our parents have the peace of mind they need. Located right behind Glendenning Public School, KIDZSPOT Ornella is a high performing service with many years’ experience in helping shape young lives for a promising future.

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Toddler Program

2 - 3 years

MINI & MIGHTY SPOTZ are two separate programs for our toddlers. During a child's toddler years, their emotional, social, physical and cognitive skills take a giant leap forward. 


Language is developed, toddlers start to speak with 2 - 3 words and work their way up to short sentences. Thinking is developed as they start to understand concepts like time and opposites. Social skills come into focus as the toddler starts to enjoy playing with others and their sense of independence starts to blossom. It's a time of energy, movement and curiosity. 

Our MINI & MIGHTY SPOTZ are about inspiration, discovery and preparation to give toddlers a solid foundation before moving into the Pre-School stage

Kidzspot child care
School Children
Pre-School Program

4 - 5 years

   Our PREP SPOTZ Program is for pre-schoolers.

By now children will start to become readers, thinkers and negotiators. It is the time to focus on key developmental skills around basic numeracy and literacy as well as embed important social and emotional skills.

Our Pre-School curriculum has been designed by university trained early childhood teachers and specialists in collaboration with local schools to create a program that excites, prepares and inspires our children for the great milestone of starting primary school.


We love it, we know our children do too.


Our Pre-School Program is our School Readiness Program. Keep reading. 

School Readiness Program

Preparing your child for Kindergarten

Getting ready for kindergarten is a very big part of any child’s life. 


Our School Readiness Program is about preparing a child for the transition to school so they are mentally, emotionally, physically and academically prepared. It's a team effort and we need to work together to ensure we're all on the same page, using the same approaches, supporting one another and reinforcing the right messages so a child can form a positive association with school. 

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Meet Silky Kamboj


My name is Silky and I am the Centre Manager at KIDZSPOT Ornella in Glendenning. I am an experienced Early Childhood Educator with many years experience working across a number of different centre-based services.  Having managed senior-level operations, I have led diverse teams of educators in programs catering for children across all age groups, from babies to 5-year-olds. I am a local within the Glendenning area, I was also once a KIDZSPOT parent and so was thrilled to take on the management of KIDZSPOT Ornella when the opportunity arose. 

As a childcare professional, I love the differences that each stage brings in a child's personality and interests. It is very special to be a part of a child's life during their most important developmental years. I am passionate about Early Education as this is when children develop their building blocks to set them up for their future. Watching them grow and learn is a privilege. I love being a part of the process to help children reach their full potential.

As Centre Manager, I aspire to offer an inclusive and individualised program in a safe and welcoming environment, where each child is a person first and is respected for who they are. I welcome all people with differences into the Centre, with the ambition that each child will enjoy their journey of growth and development while fostering confidence and self- worth. 
It is my key responsibility as Centre Manager to provide a safety-first approach to the environment whilst still offering children opportunities to develop curiosity and allow them to explore and discover and belong to KIDZSPOT.

At KIDZSPOT Ornella, I have a great team of educators who work closely with me on the ground every day. As a team we work together in the design and development of the educational curriculum to ensure we give our children the best possible early learning experience. 

I look forward to working with you all and exploring how we can navigate through your child’s early learning adventure.  

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What our parents say

"Thank you so much for everything you do for our children. You're doing an amazing job, keep it up.'


A typical day

AT KIDZSPOT we follow a structured, daily routine so things run as smoothly as possible all of the time. Routine sets healthy boundaries which is so important for a child's sense of security and stability in the world. And it makes life easier for all of us.

We're super organised, efficient and methodical in what we do so everyone knows what to do and what to expect all day every day. 

The first few weeks

The first few weeks are really important for you, for your child and for us because we’ll be getting to know each other and working on helping your child adjust to their new environment.


Some children adapt to a new environment faster than others; age is a factor, whether a child has been at another centre before or whether it’s their first, also play a part.


The first few weeks are all about ensuring your child feels safe and comfortable. We'll focus on building bonds as we slowly introduce new routines. 

Food & Nutrition

Our Service provides up to 5 meals a day from breakfast to late afternoon snacks. 

All our meals are professionally prepared by experts in kids nutrition and delivered to our Centres. The menus are gourmet and offer our kids healthy and fun mealtime options. All our Centres are nut and egg free, and our menus cater for vegetarians as well as cultural-based requirements. 


Food is a part of our education. Educators will encourage your child to learn about food, where it comes from and why eating healthy makes us feel good and why good nutrition is essential for growing bodies.

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