Toddler Reading

Erskine Park

Long Day Care Pre-School for ages 3 - 5 

Open 7am - 6pm 52 weeks 

29 Dilga Crescent ERSKINE PARK

NSW 2759

$103 daily fees

02 7204 8476

About the ChildCare Subsidy


KIDZSPOT Lima is our specialised Pre-School.

Catering only for children aged 3 – 5, the service delivers a carefully crafted School Readiness Program that has been developed in consultation with local schools. Getting ready for kindergarten is a very big part of any child’s life so it should be exciting. Children need to have a sense of security and healthy expectancy as they get ready to start ‘big school’. Our School Readiness Program helps our children master selected skills for their new educational setting whilst ensuring they are also emotionally and socially ready for this great milestone. At KIDZSPOT Lima, school prep starts from day one.

If you need childcare for babies and toddlers in Erskine Park,

please visit KIDZSPOT Dilga, our specialised baby & toddler centre, which is just a short walk away.

Come and see us, we'd love to meet you. 



Building Blocks
Senior Toddlers

3 - 4 years

Welcome to MIGHTY SPOTZ.

By now children will start to become readers, thinkers and negotiators.

It is the time to focus on key developmental skills -

our MIGHTY SPOTZ start to develop basic numeracy and literacy as well as focus on important social and emotional skills.

Boy Coloring

4 - 5 years

Welcome to PREP SPOTZ.

PREP SPOTZ is all about getting ready for school. Our Pre-School curriculum has been designed by university trained early childhood teachers and specialists in collaboration with local schools to create a program that excites, prepares and inspires our children for the great milestone of starting primary school. 

We love it, we know our children do too.

    Our Pre-School Program is our School Readiness Program. Keep reading.

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Meet Justine Thomas


My name is Justine and I am the Director of KIDZSPOT Dilga and Lima in Erskine Park. 


I began my journey in childcare in 2008, and went on to complete my Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2015. During my career in childcare, I have worked across all age groups, spending most of my time with the preschoolers aged 3-5 years. 

My main aim is to provide a caring and loving educational experience for all children making sure each child feels a sense of belonging when in our environment. Having a child start school is a huge milestone not only for the child but also their families - I believe it is our job, as Early Childhood Educators, to help shape and teach all children working in collaboration with families.


Our School Readiness Program is comprehensive and allows educators to teach children core foundational skills from literacy, numeracy and concepts to self-help skills. This gives children and families the information and knowledge making sure each child has the best support possible giving them the best head start in their schooling.

I am very passionate about my job as an Early Childhood Educator and love supporting, teaching and guiding each and every child along their journey in the first few years.

If you're looking for the right Centre in Erskine Park, book a tour and come and see us in action. 

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Meet Amy Burley


Hello, I’m Amy Burley. I started out in Early Childhood Education as an Assistant Educator and worked my way through to Educator, Room Leader and now to Centre Manager of KIDZSPOT Lima, a niche pre-school centre that caters for ages 3 – 5 years.


I’ve worked across all age groups, from babies to junior toddlers to senior toddlers getting ready for kindergarten. I chose childcare as a career as I have always loved children and wanted to make a difference in young children's lives. Once I started my formal studies, I fell in love with the job. I am so passionate about helping children grow and thrive – and the rewards in watching them develop their knowledge and skills are second to none.


As an Educator I understand the significance of recognising each child as an individual and the importance of striving to make a difference in a child’s development based on their unique personality, their needs and their developmental stage.

I prioritise relationships. A great part of my work involves building relationships with each child and their family. Only through strong relationships do we find trust and security, which are the cornerstones of growing up healthy and happy. At the end of the day, it is the relationships we develop with our children and families that makes daily life at the Centre so rewarding. We get to watch each child develop life skills during their time with us and it’s quite powerful knowing that we were part of the journey.  


As a Centre Manager I work with my Team to provide an enriching and beneficial educational program for our pre-schoolers. As a team we will work together to ensure that each and everyone in our centre feels a sense of identity and belonging. I have a great team of educators who are dedicated to working together to implement the best program and service we can provide in our community.


If you are looking for a long day, pre-school centre in or around Erskine Park, please come and meet us.

What our parents say

The KIDZSPOT Journey at Erskine Park
Focus Groups (9).png

"Thank you so much for everything you do for our children. You're doing an amazing job, keep it up.'


School Readiness Program

Preparing your child for Kindergarten

Getting ready for kindergarten is a very big part of any child’s life. 


Our School Readiness Program is about preparing a child for the transition to school so they are mentally, emotionally, physically and academically prepared. It's a team effort and we need to work together to ensure we're all on the same page, using the same approaches, supporting one another and reinforcing the right messages so a child can form a positive association with school. 

A typical day

AT KIDZSPOT we follow a structured, daily routine so things run as smoothly as possible all of the time. Routine sets healthy boundaries which is so important for a child's sense of security and stability in the world. And it makes life easier for all of us.

We're super organised, efficient and methodical in what we do so everyone knows what to do and what to expect all day every day. 

The first few weeks

The first few weeks are really important for you, for your child and for us because we’ll be getting to know each other and working on helping your child adjust to their new environment.


Some children adapt to a new environment faster than others; age is a factor, whether a child has been at another centre before or whether it’s their first, also play a part.


The first few weeks are all about ensuring your child feels safe and comfortable. We'll focus on building bonds as we slowly introduce new routines. 

Food & Nutrition

Our Service provides up to 5 meals a day from breakfast to late afternoon snacks. 

All our meals are professionally prepared by experts in kids nutrition and delivered to our Centres. The menus are gourmet and offer our kids healthy and fun mealtime options. All our Centres are nut and egg free, and our menus cater for vegetarians as well as cultural-based requirements. 


Food is a part of our education. Educators will encourage your child to learn about food, where it comes from and why eating healthy makes us feel good and why good nutrition is essential for growing bodies.

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