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Tot Spotz

6 weeks - 24 months

I'm only between 6 weeks to 24 months old. If I'm under 12 months, I'm probably still breastfeeding and I have a pretty strict routine around my bottle times, meals, nappy changes and sleep, which I need more of than the others!

I get lots of personalised care and cuddles from my teachers because I need the affection and attention. I also get to listen to music in small groups. After my 1st birthday, I can start to follow instructions and I start to do things for myself. 

Cute Girl

Mini Spotz

2 - 3 years

I'm a toddler. I can eat on my own, I'm toilet trained and I can wash my hands properly. I'm learning lots about speech, language and literacy. I still stick to a routine and have set times for meals, rest and play every day. 

I'm becoming social and, when weather is nice, my KIDZSPOT friends and I get to spend alot of time playing outside. I'm learning to do much more on my own. 

Girl and stuffed animal

Mighty Spotz

3 - 4 years

I'm 3 -4 years old. I'm pretty independent and can do most things on my own. 

I can scribble and do some 'early writing', I get to play with lots of puzzles and games and I love imaginative play. I'm involved in drama activities and I participate in show and tell. 

I have rest time every day; but if I don't want to sleep, I can sit quietly and do something on my own with my teacher watching over me. 


 Prep Spotz

4 - 5 years

I'm over 4 years old and enjoying the final stage of childcare. I'm a pre-schooler and doing the School Readiness Program so I'm ready for kindy. 

At the end of the year, my teachers start the School Transition Program, I get to wear a cap and gown when I graduate and  and I even get to go on a trip to my local school with my KIDZSPOT friends. 

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Girl with Braids

​Early Learning & Childcare

Studies show that a child's brain develops more between birth to age 5 than at any other time in life. We also know that children who do not attend preschool are 50% more likely to start school behind their peers. Early learning programs will escalate a child's skills and abilities in key social and cognitive functions, such as:

  • Fine and gross motor development

  • Healthy eating and wellness habits

  • Problem solving

  • Increased vocabulary

  • Scientific thinking and enquiry

  • Speaking in sentences/conversation

  • Emergent writing

  • Mathematical thinking, counting and measuring

  • Planning and reflection

  • Eagerness/curiosity for learning

  • Persistence

  • Social skills with peers and adults

  • Greater identity of who they are

  • Understanding of people, places and environments


Customised learning through child-led play

AT KIDZSPOT, our approach is based on customising learning so it is based on a child's needs. 

Our Education Program is made up of FOCUS GROUPS that are loosely defined by age. We say loosely because age is just a guide. Every child learns at their own pace, in their own style and in their own time. Learning has to be as individual as each child if we want it to be effective and life-long. 

Our understanding of how young minds learn and develop has changed greatly over time. We now know that age is an important indicator of a child’s development, but it is by no means the only indicator. It is fundamental to know and understand that every child is different and they will develop and grow in their own natural style. Streamlining children into educational programs based on age only is tricky and can be a major disadvantage for the child both now and well into their entire educational life and beyond.


Effective early education is based on a holistic experience that encompasses a child's strengths, weaknesses and interests. Effective learning can only take place when we feel safe and valued. Where a child is today is not necessarily where they should be; some children will be way ahead while others may need time to catch up because the way they process, absorb and adjust to information is different.  Our teaching strategy is based on bringing out the best in our children; we start by ensuring our children feel safe and valued in our care. We then transcend our philosophy of bringing out the best in our education program by developing and assessing a child based on their age as well as their developmental stage, their interests and their overall needs. So, a child's KIDZSPOT FOCUS GROUP is the Group which better reflects their current skill level and their existing development needs. 

Towards the future

Everything we do is to prepare our children for school and a future of curiosity, imagination and a love for learning. It all starts from Day One. 


Our education program is based on the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which is expertly crafted to stimulate brain development through interest and play-based learning.

Our weekly curriculum is made up of a range of activities mapped to the following 5 key learning outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework: 

  1. Children have a strong sense of identity

  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world

  3. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

  4. Children are confident and involved learners

  5. Children are effective communicators


We keep you in the loop so you're aware of where your child is at. Every KIDZSPOT child has their own learning portfolio, which is a collection of their progress notes, photos, activities and anything else related to their learning development.

We provide our families with regular updates using Kinderloop, which is a digital journal where we share highlights of daily events, photos and progress of our learning requirements against the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework). Kinderloop is in real time and it's a private app so only the family gets to see the feed. It's all a part of the Kidzspot service from us to our families.

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